Lewaa Bashar

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Lewaa Bashar

Royal Wedding Gowns by Lewaa Bashar

Lewaa Bashar is a talented designer from Lebanon who creates haute couture dresses for any special occasion. His working experience at SPOSABELLA bridal house and his cooperation with the Jordanian Royal Palace and the Queen Rania, established him as one of the top designers in Jordan’s fashion world.


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Lewaa Bashar studied at ESMODE fashion academy and all these years, he has gained large experience in the fashion industry. On 2011 he moved to Cairo, Egypt to start up his own atelier but his love for Greece made him to arrive in Athens, Greece on 2016 and open his own atelier LEWAA BASHAR in Pagkrati.


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''Every bride expects to have a fairytale entrance on her wedding day and to save the promise of eternal love. I design for them their dreamy dress for their big day, always adjusting the final cost upon request'', Lewaa says. 

His new bridal collection for the Spring / Summer 2019 is dedicated to all women who want to feel like a Queen in their wedding dress and live their wedding day as a fairy tale. The new collection comes with silk skirts, embroidered lace tops, and ethereal butterfly sleeves that create a simple yet elegant result that any bride deserves. 


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Book an appointment now, meet the designer and live this amazing experience; Create together the wedding dress of your dreams.




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