The Dreamland

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Dreamland Bridal Collection by Costantino, in Santorini.

''Every year, we draw inspiration from all over the world to design unique wedding gowns for our lovely brides. The quality is something non-negotiable for us. This year’s Dreamland Collection, with the signature of all three designers, covers all bridal styles since each designer creates wedding gowns based on her own aesthetic.''


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Κalliope Perraki, also known as Costantinodesigns unique bridal masterpieces since 1989Designing and fashion have always been a passion for her, something she keeps on proving with every new bridal collection she creates. This year, she launches a multiple-style bridal collection with her daughters Marianna & Fereniki, the Dreamland Collection which comes with a variety of perfectly shaped wedding gowns in different lines and styles.


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The promising designing duo, Marianna & Fereniki, after finishing their studies (Textiles, Veloudaki fashion school, University of Arts London: Fashion Design Management), they know complete the powerful designing team of Costantinowith their minimal and modern bridal creations.

 ''We love to design wedding gowns and bridal dresses that differ and last in time. The Dreamland Collection is mature, feminine, ethereal and sexy, with unique hand beaded details for our stylish Costantino brides.''


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Photography: Olsi Mane

Model: Sofya Titova


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