Theros S / S '19 by Costantino

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Bridal House COSTANTINO celebrates 30 years since its conception, by unveiling its THEROS new bridal collection Spring / Summer 2019.

Designers Kalliope, Marianna and Fay travel every winter to France, Italy and Switzerland to look for the finest materials so as to ensure that their creations are those of the highest quality. The hand-beaded wedding dresses are hand sewed by the most talented and experienced seamstresses and all bridal dresses are made in Athens, Greece.


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Attention to detail has always been an essential element of COSTANTINO’s designs. Along with its high artistry, COSTANTINO is also known for its versatility. THEROS Collection caters to all styles and body types and aims to make every bride feel unique on her special day.

The new collection is inspired by the summer breeze and the soft sunlight that warms your skin during an afternoon stroll on a Mediterranean island. With this feeling in mind, the designers have created dresses that are light and easy to move in, but elegant and modern nonetheless.

THEROS is defined by discreet embroidery, top quality ethereal fabrics and shimmering details that make each dress unique. Ornate bows, longer sleeves and open backs that reveal every bride’s femininity are some of the things you’ll come across when exploring the new designs. 


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Celebrate COSTANTINO’s 30 years by booking an appointment and find the wedding dress you’ve always been looking for!


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