Hydrangea Meanings

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Hydrangea (or hortensia) is derived from the Greek 'Hydor', meaning water and 'Angos' meaning jar or vessel.

About 75 different flowering shrubs share the botanical name of Hydrangea. In most species the flowers are white, but in some species can be blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. In Japan, the flower has a historical tradition behind it linked to apologies and gratitude. Most Hydrangeas grow in a single color per plant, but the Bigleaf Hydrangea changes color from pink to blue based on soil pH.


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Hydrangea symbolizes honest emotions such as gratitude, abundance and prosperity but its diverse meanings include also frigidity and disinterest, so be sure to get the right meaning by mixing hortensia with other flowers too. Pink color is connected to romance, weddings and love and white is concerned as a symbol of purity and grace. Blue color is linked to forgiveness while the purple color is used to indicate a desire for a deeper understanding.


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