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Athens Exclusive Designers Week, is one of the biggest fashion events in Greece.

The 21st edition, blessed by the apperance of the Dsquared, took place from 31st March to 3rd April 2017, at Zappeion Hall, where fashion designers, famous fashion brands and new fashion talents presented new fashion trends, for the Fall / Winter 2017 / 2018.


zappeion myholydays 2


AXDW supports, promotes and rewards the new talents with the New Designers Awards, where Greek designers, get the opportunity to present their work, while competing for these three awards

Best New Designer

Best Trend Setter

Best Catwalk

Celebrating 10 years of fashion, the audience of the 21st AXDW, also voted and gave a fourth (4th) prize - the Refreshment Award by Amstel Radler.


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These are the winners of the 21st Athens Exclusive Designer's Week


- Best New Designer -



avgousta theodoulou myholydays axdw 1


Inspired by the "Daedalus and Icarus" myth, Avgousta Theodoulou won the main prize and managed to impress the audience with her craftsmanship skills, the tridimensional pieces and the sculptural coats.


'' DAEDALEA collection talks about the human struggle to achieve freedom and higher quality of living, as well as for the pitfall of using intelligence without wisdom which can lead to decay and tragedy...

Human's anguish to rush for quick change, underestimates the big risk of getting trapped by his own creations.

The change he pursues may well become his own chaser.''



Daedalus created the complex Labyrinth, but he and his son Icarus ended up imprisoned in it. He then created two pairs of fine crafted wings that let them escape.

His son, Icarus, totally delighted by the sense of freedom, dared to fly as high as he could go, ignoring his father's warnings.

The sun softened the wax of his wings and Icarus found a tragic death, in the deep blue sea.


avgousta theodoulou myholydays axdw 2avgousta theodoulou myholydays axdw 4avgousta theodoulou myholydays axdw 3


- Best Trend Setter -


Prep A Porter // Men's & Women's Style

roumeliotis ioannis myholydays axdw 1


Ioannis Roumeliotis, presented his new collection for the Fall/Winter '17/18 with one of a kind women's and men's creations, handmade shoes and jewelries.

He left the best impressions and won the Best Trend Setter award.


roumeliotis ioannis myholydays axdw 3roumeliotis ioannis myholydays axdw 2roumeliotis ioannis myholydays axdw 4


- Best Catwalk & Fashion Refreshment Award by Amstel Radler -


Ceremonial Costumes, Headpieces & Accessories

chrysafis stefanos myholydays 5


“I found inspiration in the wide range of mental disabilities”

His new collection for the Fall/Winter '17-18, sculpting the structure of the mental world and all the body disorders that struggle to escape.

Even if they do not succeed, the hope for balance remains.

The collection deepens the power of the mind and ends up in the quest for the redemption of our complex existence.


chrysafis stefanos myholydays 1chrysafis stefanos myholydays 3stefanos chrysafis MG 2139chrysafis stefanos myholydays 2


- View more New Designers - 


Pop Up

with Eyphrosyne Vlassi

euphrosynevlassi myholydays axdw 1euphrosynevlassi myholydays axdw 2euphrosynevlassi myholydays axdw 3



MK by Marios Karavasilis

mk marioskaravasilis myholydays 1mk marioskaravasilis myholydays 3mk marioskaravasilis myholydays 2


J. Kalupahana

jkalupahana myholydays 1jkalupahana myholydays 2


Nakou Maria

nakoumaria myholydays 1nakoumaria myholydays 3nakoumaria myholydays 2


The talented

Irene Angelopoulos

irene angelopoulos myholydays 1irene angelopoulos myholydays 2

irene angelopoulos myholydays 3

irene angelopoulos myholydays 5


The Super Sexy

Christina Zafeiriou

christinazafeiriou myholydays 3christinazafeiriou myholydays 1christinazafeiriou myholydays 4christinazafeiriou myholydays 5


What a fabulous Fashion Week, with lots of new and inspiring designers.

We can't wait till the next one.

Congrats to all, for the amazing show!


Photos: Giannakis Konstantinos


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